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How can Website Localization help companies reach new global markets? websitelocalizationimage2 300×199 How Website Localization Helps You Reach New Global Markets The Web is always changing and so are its users¬† who search the Internet every day for all types of products and services. How companies respond to these Web trends will determine their ability […]

The difference between translation and interpretation

Translation and interpretation Unfortunately, the public in general doesn’t tend to know too much about what we do, and many might think that anyone who is bilingual can be a translator, but that’s like saying that anyone who can listen and speak is automatically a therapist or anyone who speaks English is a reporter or […]

Language – The Medium of Communication

Language is a medium through which one expresses himself. Without language one may never be able to communicate, interconnect and converse. There are about above six thousand major and minor languages in the world; each holding its own significance. The most common languages of the world include French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English, Russian and others. […]

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